And Now They Have Names…

By October 20, 2016Blog, Education, News

If you caught our Facebook a couple weeks ago, you would have seen a special announcement where we shared with you our latest additions to the Education Department.

On September 28th I made a trip to Prattville, Alabama to meet Dr. Robert Hastings. Dr. Hastings is a professional educator, zoologist, marine scientist, and naturalist. Most people know him for his work with reptile conservation throughout Alabama. Bob had a recent clutch of snake hatchlings and graciously agreed to donate a corn and rat snake to the Cook Museum of Natural Science Education Department.

I’m happy to report our two new education ambassadors, Ms. Grey and Jewels, both Alabama natives, are doing remarkably well. They have adapted well to their new terrariums and are being handled often. Snakes are like any other animal in the sense that they have personalities. Ms. Grey is definitely the more adventurous and outgoing of the two. While her step sister is a little more reserved and shy.

Be sure to keep an eye out for future post and we’ll keep you all updated on their growth.


Post written by: Toni Bruner, Education Programs Manager

Cook Museum of Natural Science

In case you missed the Facebook video announcement, see it below: