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Feathered. Flighted. Phenomenal.

How do birds do that? Glide across a sun-kissed sky? Pump wings and lift themselves up into the air? And why? There’s more to it than transportation!

Experience the Birds exhibit, where you dive into the mystery of air-filled bones, zip together a bird’s feathers, put power to a pulley to examine a unique muscular system, and marvel at majestic flight in slow motion.

Form Meets Function

A songbird that can fit in your hand may look dainty and delicate, but it is capable of braving a storm, flapping over mountains, and defying gravity. Mighty streamlined muscles, feathers that zip and clip, super strong bones, and a continuous breathing system outfit birds for their unique niche in nature.

Life-Long Learning

Field guide, binoculars, notebook? Check, check, check! With those simple tools you can start a hobby that can last a lifetime. 

All you need now is a clue about field marks. Stand on the mezzanine, and try out the binoculars. Look deep into the leaves. Who has a white eyebrow stripe? Who has a yellow lore? Who has a white wing patch? With a few minutes of practice, you will be on your way to a new lifelong hobby!

More Marvels

  • Look at feathers, bones, and more from under a high-powered magnifying glass
  • Walk out onto the Overlook for a bird’s eye view
  • Teeny, tiny hummingbirds flit from Alabama to Central America. Do they shortcut across the Gulf of Mexico? 

Did You Know? 

A hummingbird can hover, fly backwards, or fly upside down – even other birds can’t do that!