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Plan a field trip to the Cook Museum of Natural Science for a day full of fun and learning. The Cook Museum has a number of interactive classrooms designed specifically for students. We will help take the stress out of planning an educational yet enjoyable field trip.

Our classrooms are fully interactive and will engage your students, encouraging them to explore and be creative. All of our rooms deliver a hands-on yet structured learning experience. The classrooms currently available at the Cook Museum are Maker Space, Adventure Lab, and Salamander Room.

Maker Space

The theme of the “Maker Space” is Biomimicry, which is an approach to technological innovation that draws ideas from nature. We use the framework of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). Our programs put tools and materials into the hands of students, giving them real-world experience by including activities associated with art that enhance creativity, problem solving, memory systems, motor control, and analytical skills.

Adventure Lab

The “Adventure Lab” for middle school and high school students is home to all of our Biology and Ecology Programs. These include classes focused on Bio-Technology, Bio-Diversity, Entomology, Water Quality, Geology, Chemistry, and Botany. Our hands-on, fun, and interactive programs will provide students with context, relevance, and a better understanding of the natural world.  Providing cutting edge science tools and real, hands-on lab experiences connected to what we find out in nature inspires students to consider careers in STEAM fields.

Salamander Room

The ”Salamander Room” for young children provides an intellectually stimulating and fun learning environment. Our early childhood nature-based program will stimulate young children in social, physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Using a child’s intrinsic (internal) motivation to explore and learn, we can help them develop an early appreciation, sense of wonder, love, and respect for the natural world that is awe-inspiring.

For more information on any of our interactive classroom programs, please contact us. Make your next field trip fun, educational, and memorable.