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Curiosity Cabin

The Place for Inquiry

Welcome to Curiosity Cabin! It includes a wall full of treasures, naturalists' notebooks, and an eclectic collection. This space is designed for your questions!

More than Knickknacks

Pick up a rock, a shell, or a bone. Are you eager to learn more about them? Within the Naturalist’s Cabinet, a digital ID reader will make that easy. 

More than knickknacks, natural artifacts are the seeds for scientific discovery.

Questions make those seeds sprout.

Observations bear fruit.

Science in action!

Who is a Naturalist?

Peek into the notebook of a naturalist. Read about Alabama's own world-renowned herbalist Tommie Bass. Gain inspiration from the paintings of Louis Fuertes, one of the most influential illustrators of American birds. Pour over intricate illustrations by Jane Colden who made botany accessible to everyday folks – no stuffy academic would write about the "armpits" of plants. 

What Else?

  • Compare a harrier, hawk, and kestrel
  • Learn a bit about the history of museum collections
  • Come face-to-face with taxidermy owls and songbirds

Did You Know? 

Botanist William Bartram travelled through Alabama in the late 1700’s and was the first to describe Alabama organisms such as the Cahaba lily, oakleaf hydrangea, Florida Sandhill Crane, and gopher tortoise.