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From the Ground Up

How is a biome built? It starts at the foundation. Earth’s bounty of life is possible because of physical resources: minerals, water, and energy. The variations of these resources in location, climate, or disturbances, result in a diversity of biomes across the globe.

Supped up Sand Box

Step up to the Holosands Station to sculpt the landscape. This is more than molding sand. With the flick of your hand, you can cause it to rain, carve out canyons, or fill up the ocean. Curious about watersheds? Topography? The water cycle? It is all here. And there is more: simulations exist for different biomes. What happens if a thunderstorm starts in the desert? What happens when a volcano erupts? How does a bend impact the river flow rate? This is inquiry learning at its best!

Building Blocks

Discover what Bibb County, bacteria, and bananas all have to do with the periodic table. This exhibit will give you a fresh look at elements like:

  • Carbon, the element of life
  • Nitrogen, the fertilizer of life 
  • Magnesium, the core of plant life

It will stimulate questions about abundant minerals. It will give you a grasp on the processes which form impressive rocks.

Worrisome Weather?

Extreme weather phenomena are often considered destructive. Come observe forms of life which thrive after serious weather events: a whisker-faced seal (thank-you earthquakes), a sun-bright songbird (thank you tornadoes), a carnivorous plant (thank you fire). 

Extreme weather brings change to the environment – change which opens up opportunities for life.

What else will you discover?

  • A wall-sized display of dazzling rocks and minerals from around the world
  • Fluorescent rocks that glow green, blue, and pink
  • Build-a-crystal interactive

Did You Know?;

Your body is made of at least 20 different elements that come from rocks.