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A Place for Calm

Slipping into the cool blue of the Oceans exhibit, and prepare to be mesmerized by the graceful glide of sea creatures and the serenity of the seaside. Feel the calm in the collage of colors.

A Place for Action

In the Oceans exhibit, explore slime, venom, and mucus – all weapons of destruction on display here. Search out juvenile jellies, and marvel at their metamorphosis! Puzzle out how to design a seashell: what shape, distance between coils, or expansion rate will you need? Which variables will make the perfect shell?

A Tankful of Adventure

And then there is the 15,000 gallon saltwater tank! Sleek bodies, flippered and finned, slide by. Purple, orange, red – color explodes in the form of finger, fan, or brain coral. Angels, surgeons, and clowns are a few of the fish that will draw visitors in. 

Dive in to discover:

  • Why the ocean is salty
  • How colorful coral can be bad neighbors to each other
  • Why you should thank the ocean after every 5th breath

Did you know? 

To rid their bodies of excess salt, birds sneeze it out their noses.