Rivers & Streams
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Rivers & Streams

Rivers are the Reason

Spy under the surface, crawl in a beaver lodge, explore the life around Alabama’s rivers. These are a splash of the fun that awaits you in our Rivers & Streams Exhibit. But more than fleeting fun, rivers are a key reason for Alabama's amazing variety of life – why Alabama ranks higher in biodiversity than any other state its size. Freshwater fish, turtles, and even mussels – Alabama has more species than anyone else.

Who lives in and around the river? What's life like there? Come find out!

Dome Home

Come in, come in, to the beaver lodge. Investigate the beaver’s wild version of a log cabin. You will find these furry friends have a special spot to eat, sleep, and even escape! While visiting, you can also grow a beaver's buck tooth and explore the diorama of the neighborhood where these little engineers live.

Mamas Egrets ♥ Gators

Mama egrets choose neighbors who have toothy jaws ready to snap up fluffy chicks. Why? Come see the teeth of our 7-foot gator and puzzle out the pieces to mysteries like this one. 

What Else?

  • Enjoy diving and dabbling taxidermy ducks 
  • Zoom in on the fishing tricks of the meek yet mighty mussel
  • Get a look at some of the animals that call Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge home

Prepare to be mesmerized by fish flashing through the freshwater aquarium. You can make friends with freshwater turtles basking on a log or gliding gracefully underwater.

What are you waiting for? Wade in! You will leave with a new appreciation for Alabama's dynamic river systems.

Did you know?

A beaver can swim 5 miles per hour (8 kilometers per hour) – faster than most Olympic swimmers!