Wonderful World of Insects
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Wonderful World of Insects

In the Wonderful World of Insects exhibit, a mantis will crane its head, keeping an eye on you. A beetle will dive under the water, carrying its own air supply with it. Living insects will mesmerize, and pinned specimens will dazzle.  You will get a new perspective on some of the most abundant creatures on Earth!

Tiny but Mighty

Insects may be tiny, but they are mighty. They are builders, soldiers, engineers, and farmers. They provide food, keep populations of other species in check, and serve as garbage collectors. Glowing deep in a cave, skating on the ocean, or doing handstands in the desert, insects fill crucial roles and support life in every biome on the planet. 

Total Transformers

Ladybug larvae gobble up aphids, helping gardeners out!
A maggot trades in his garbage collecting job for onion pollinating as an adult blue bottle fly. 
Milkweed bugs stash the poison from the milkweed plant in their own tissues so birds won’t eat them. 
Metamorphosis can be a major morphing of the body. 

Go Discover!

More than a million species of insects creep, leap, flap, and flutter on the Earth – and those are the ones we know about! Every day, scientists are exploring. Every day, citizens are discovering. Imagine how many more insects might be found. 

Someone found a new species:

  • in a Flicker photo
  • in a city park
  • in their backyard!

What will you discover?

More for You to Do:

  • Get an up-close look at live insects from ants, to termites, to bedbugs
  • Play the “Is it an Insect” game
  • Find the insect who breathes through its rear-end

Did You Know? 

Some stick insects lay eggs with a tasty treat on their surface. Ants carry the eggs home and scrape off the treat. When the egg hatches, the larvae pretend to be an ant and grows up safely protected by his foster family.