March Madness: Apex Animals

Saturdays in February & March at 12:30 pm
February 11, 18, & 25
March 4, 11, 18, & 25
FREE for Members or with General Admission

What if the animal kingdom worked like professional sports? Can you pick the best of the best? Each week during this Science on the Spot series, you will be presented with two apex animals that are at the top of the food chain and have no natural predators in their environments. You will hear all about what makes these animals special and compare their attributes. At the end of each presentation, the audience will vote and decide which of the two animals presented will advance in the next Museum’s March Madness: Apex Animals round. The final round will take place on March 25. All voting will be done onsite at the Museum at the end of each presentation.

Can you pick which animal will be voted the top Apex Animal?
Download a bracket from the Museum’s online Discovery Hub or pick one up at the Museum Store. Submit your choices by to the Museum Store or museumprogramming@cookmuseum.org by Noon on February 11 in order to qualify to win a prize!

February 11 –  African elephant vs. Polar bear
February 18 – Bengal tiger vs. King cobra
February 25 – Saltwater crocodile vs. Bull shark
March 4 – Golden eagle vs. African lion
March 11 – Round 2 (Feb. 11 winner vs. Feb. 25 winner)
March 18 – Round 2 (Feb. 18 winner vs. March 4 winner)
March 25 – Finals (March 11 winner vs. March 18 winner)


Mar 25 2023


12:30 pm
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