Interested in donating objects to the Cook Museum of Natural Science?

At the Cook Museum of Natural Science, we think Life is Amazing! To help share the amazing life around us, we seek to provide the public with a rich and diverse resource of natural science specimens that encourage discussion, teaching, and curiosity. To help meet these goals, the museum collects primarily in these areas:

    • North American Wildlife: Mammals, Bird, Reptiles, etc.
    • Rocks and Minerals
    • Insects
    • Shells and Aquatic Life
    • Art featuring Natural Science Themes

Special attention is given to natural science specimens that showcase the diversity, beauty, and functionality found in nature.

How to donate:

Items offered to the Cook Museum of Natural Science must be relevant to our mission and must also meet the criteria that is set forth in our collections policy. A Collections Committee will carefully consider each item offered for donation. The museum is grateful for every offer received but we must make wise decisions on how to grow the collection for the future.

To have an item considered for donation, please contact Kara Long, Collections Manager, by phone 256-351-4510 or email on our Contact page.

We ask you to please not bring any items to the museum, and instead first contact the Collections Manager so that your item may be considered for use by the Museum.

The museum will also not purchase objects offered for consideration or provide appraisals.

How will my donation be used?

Some objects donated to the museum will be placed on temporary or permanent exhibit, while others will be used in our educational programs. All objects are treated with the highest professional care in the hopes that they will educate many generations to come!

Thank you for your interest and desire to support the Cook Museum of Natural Science.