November Homeschool Classes

Monday, November 18

Grades K – 2: Life in Motion
9:30 am, 11 am, & 1 pm
$14 (+ tax) per participant, per class

Have you ever thrown a ball or opened a door? If so, you’ve used push and pull forces! In this highly interactive class, investigate how we use these forces every single day.

Grades 3 – 6: Energy Explorers: Light
9:30 am, 11 am, & 1 pm
$14 (+ tax) per participant, per class

Join us as we explore what light is, how it travels, and why it is such an important source of energy. Students will learn about light waves and how they affect living things on Earth, experiment with light reflection and transmission, and gain a better understanding of how light moves!

Grades 7 – 12: Lights, Camera, Refraction!
9:30 am & 11 am
$14 (+ tax) per participant, per class

What is light?  The light we see is just a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Participants will experiment with how white light reacts to prisms and even small droplets of water. Explore the differences between colors caused by pigments and by microscopic structures

Limited spots available. Admission to the Exhibits is not included.
There are two ways to register: in person at the Guest Services desk in the Museum lobby or contact the Group Sales department during regular weekday business hours at (256) 898-6312.


Nov 18 2024


9:30 am - 2:15 pm
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