November Homeschool Classes

Monday, November 15
9:30 – 10:30 am

Limited spots available. Admission to the Exhibits is not included. There are two ways to register: in person at the Guest Services desk in the Museum lobby or contact the Group Sales department during regular weekday business hours at groups@cookmuseum.org or (256) 898-6312.

K – 2nd Grade Class: Weather and Seasons
$12 (+ tax) per participant
Why do we have seasons? What causes the weather?  Dive into the reason for the seasons, the impact of the Sun, and so much more!

3rd – 6th Grade Class: Meteorology 101
$12 (+ tax) per participant
Ever wondered what those blue and red lines on a weather map mean? In this class, you will think like a meteorologist to model different stages of a tornado!

7th – 12th Grade Class: Mollusks Comparative Anatomy Dissection
$24 (+ tax) per participant
A squid and a clam are two very different animals. One is soft and squishy all over, while one has a hard exterior with muscular insides. These animals may appear worlds apart but they are actually in the same phylum. Come see the striking similarities between these two mollusks and other animals in Phylum Mollusca.


Nov 15 2021


9:30 am - 10:30 am
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